Safer City

Whilst responsibility for community safety rests with PSNI and DoJ and other statutory agencies, including Belfast City Council administered Community Safety Partnership, these statutory providers have recognised the importance of engaging the private sector in service delivery. 

Consequently the issues of a safer Belfast remain a key priority for Belfast City Centre Management with activity in this area managed by the Safer City Action Group.  

The public and private sector stakeholders represented on the Safer City Action Group have agreed that they will work collaboratively to promote enhanced safety through:

Coordinating and developing Belfast City Centre Management’s existing crime reduction initiatives such as:

• Retail Crimewatch Scheme
• City Centre Beat Policing
• Emergency Contact Points


Retail Crimewatch Scheme         

Retail Crimewatch is an information and image sharing, exclusion order project between retailers and the PSNI. The crime reduction initiative allows retailers to serve civil Exclusion Orders on those found committing retail crime offences on their premises. The initiative is a partnership agreement between Belfast City Centre Management, PSNI and the Retail Crimewatch members. Each month retailers receive images of shoplifters who have had previous convictions for shoplifting within the city centre. The scheme currently has over 400 members.

Retail Crimewatch is an excellent working example of a partnership that has significantly reduced retail crime in Belfast City Centre. Through the introduction of the Retail Crimewatch scheme it has created a network of retailers whose purpose is to share information about retail crime and prolific shoplifters. The scheme has also created a strong partnership between Belfast City Centre Management, the PSNI and the retailers. More information can be found here /images/custom/uploads/214/files/Retail_Crimewatch_Scheme_Overview_Dec_2017.docx

A list of participating members of the RCW scheme can be found here.

For more information or to join the scheme, contact Sarah-Anne Attwood

Tel: 02890 242111/ Email:

For information on how to address Business Crime, protecting your premises, protecting your stock and protecting your staff the PSNI have put together key points of advice which can be viewed on their website

City Centre Beat Policing

The City Centre Beat (CCB) scheme provides a dedicated Police resource of two PSNI Police officers to address quality of life issues for businesses in the city centre. The scheme is funded by stakeholders and managed by Belfast City Centre Management.

Both officers can be contacted directly by mobile phone and liveried vehicle is provided by the PSNI to enable a rapid response. Having the same two dedicated officers has ensured continuity for addressing issues raised by business and has helped raise the profile of Belfast Chamber of Trade & Commerce in addressing key city centre issues.

Emergency Contact Points

Belfast City Centre Management carries out weekly monitoring and testing of three Emergency Contact Points in the city centre. These contact points are located at:

  • Donegall Square North
  • Dublin Road
  • Skipper Street

The Emergency Contact Points enable the public to have immediate contact with the PSNI.

Strategic Objectives:

Annual improvement in users’ perceptions of safety by implementing initiatives to reduce:
- Retail crime
- Evening and night time economy crime
- Antisocial behaviour
- Annual improvement in measured crime statistics
- Promote continuity and resilience of the city within the city centre business community
- Educational outreach to city centre users
- Seek to reduce on-street drinking and begging
- Seek continuing funding for City Centre Beat Initiative

Reporting sharps/needles in the city centre

If you come across any sharps/needles in the city centre there is a mechanism in place to report these to Belfast City Council.  These will be removed and disposed of in a safe manner by their team.  The details for reporting these are below.

During Office Hours (8.00am – 5.00pm)
Telephone: 028 9027 0469

Out of Hours (5.00pm – 8.00am - Including Weekends, Public & Bank Holidays)
Telephone: 07850 499 622

Email (for non-emergency reporting)

Belfast City Centre Management, Belfast One and Belfast Chamber of Trade and Commerce launched a 'Protect Your Business Guide' for businesses on how to report city centre issues such as homelessness, on street drinking, needle removal and city centre crime.  The guide is available to download here - Protect Your Business Guide

Emergency Planning

Belfast City Centre Management hold regular Emergency Planning seminars alongside Belfast City Council, PSNI and other emergency services.  Belfast Emergency Preparedness Group brings together over 65 different agencies who work together to plan how to help the public in an emergency.  More information on Belfast City Council's role can be found here

It is important that businesses within Belfast are ready for emergencies and know what they can do in advance to be better prepared.  The last seminar was held on Monday 5th June 2017 and the presentation is available to download here

There is also information available on reducing cyber risk with can be viewed here

The PSNI have produced an advisory document for security managers focusing on crowded places/town and city centre locations.  This document can be downloaded here

Business Continuity Planning

Employers have a responsibility for the safety and security of their staff. All businesses should have arrangements in place to deal with the impact of a major incident or disaster.  To help local businesses to prepare for emergencies Belfast City Council have produced a template site specific plan which you can use to develop your internal emergency or major incident plan.  Businesses who wish to create their own Business Continuity Plan can view the template here

Belfast Resilience and its members run regular business continuity events for local businesses. If you or your staff would like to attend the next event, please email

You can also find guidance on preparing your business for emergencies on the NI Business Info website.