City Centre Information


Belfast City Centre is complemented with a wide range of car parking options in terms of car park type (e.g. multi-storey, on-street) cost and location that are located only a few minutes walk into the central shopping area of Donegall Place.

BCCM has compiled a list of car parking options, complete with tariffs, locations and cost.

View the complete list of car parks in Belfast

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Coach Parking

There are now two over night coach parking locations available just outside of the city centre. These are located at Falcon Road, just off the Boucher Road and also on the Crumlin Road. Please see the links below for more details.

Falcon Road coach park

Crumlin Road Gaol coach park

Public Toilet Provision

Belfast city centre is well serviced with clean, accessible public toilets.  City centre locations include Arthur Lane, Church Lane, Winetavern Street, Bankmore Square, Hope Street, Custom House Square and Lombard Street.

Please visit Belfast City Council's website for a full list with opening times by clicking here

Blue Badge Holders

The Blue Badge Scheme provides on-street parking concessions for badge holders who travel either as drivers or passengers.

When making use of the parking concessions available under the scheme, badge holders must display the badge on top of the dashboard or facia panel of a vehicle with the front of the badge (that is, the side showing the wheelchair-user symbol) facing forward so that the relevant details are able to be read from outside of the vehicle.

• Locations of disabled parking bays can be found on our accessibility website.
• All information on use of a ‘blue badge’ can be found here.
• Information about the 'blue badge' scheme or to make an application for a badge, visit here.

Opening Times

Bus Lanes

Transport NI have introduced a number of bus lanes throughout the city centre and also on the arterial routes servicing the city.

Bus lanes are shown by road markings and signs that indicate which (if any) other vehicles are permitted to use the bus lane. In Belfast city centre the legislation allows permitted taxis, motorcycles and bicycles to use bus lanes.

Unless otherwise indicated, you should not drive in a bus lane during its period of operation.

• Bus lane locations can be found here.
• For more information on bus lanes, visit here.


20 MPH Speed Zone

As from 31st January 2016 a 20mph zone has been created in the city centre by Transport NI.

• Additional information can be found at Transport NI's website
• Alternatively on the Northern Ireland Executive’s website.

On Street Parking Non Charging Days

• 12th July (Wednesday 12th July)
• Bank Holiday (Thursday 13th July)
• Monday 25th December (Christmas Day)
• Boxing Day (Tuesday 26th December)