City Centre Information


Belfast City Centre is complemented with a wide range of car parking options in terms of car park type (e.g. multi-storey, on-street) cost and location that are located only a few minutes walk into the central shopping area of Donegall Place.

BCCM has compiled a list of car parking options, complete with tariffs, locations and cost.

View the complete list of car parks in Belfast

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Coach Parking

Overnight coach parking is available just outside of Belfast City Centre, on the Crumlin Road. Please see the link below for more details.

Crumlin Road Gaol coach park

Public Toilet Provision

Belfast city centre is well serviced with clean, accessible public toilets.  City centre locations include Arthur Lane, Church Lane, Winetavern Street, Bankmore Square, Hope Street, Custom House Square and Lombard Street.

Please visit Belfast City Council's website for a full list with opening times by clicking here


Reporting sharps in the city centre


If you see any sharps or other drug related paraphernalia in the city centre you can report it through the following contact numbers.

During office hours (8am - 6pm) 028 9027 0469

Out of hours (6pm - 8am) including public holidays 07850499622

Email :

For your own safety - please do not lift any sharps/needles


For businesses with public toilets on the premises please see below a list of tips and advice on how to manage concerns relating to anti-social behaviour.

- Removal of toilet seat lids

This could remove the opportunity for the lids to be closed to provide a flat surface for drug paraphernalia to be placed on top.

- Ensure all toilet tissue dispensers have a transparent front and curved top

This could ensure that any discarded needles placed inside a dispenser can clearly be seen and safely removed by trained staff.  This may remove the possibility of customers touching or pricking their finger on any needles.  Also, as above, the curved top of the dispenser could remove the opportunity for drug paraphernalia to be placed on top.

- Installation of additional CCTV cameras to cover disabled toilets

Currently there are blind spots whereby security staff in the CCTV control room can't observe movements and suspicious activity in these areas.

- Installation of a remote electronic access control and intercom at the parent and toddler changing facility

There is CCTV coverage of this area and with the introduction of access control and intercom this could allow security staff monitoring the camera to observe, speak to and grant access to genuine customers who need to use this facility.

- Reduce length of toilet cubicle doors to allow cleaning and security staff to potentially observe suspicious activity and the number of persons in a cubicle

Currently the cubicle doors are from ceiling to floor creating an opportunity for potential drug incidents to occur in private without challenge.  If staff can see under the cubicle doors this could provide an opportunity  for them to challenge those inside and prevent incidents from occurring, or in the event of a collapse for any reason, will enable staff to call for immediate medical assistance.

- Rule Setting : Signage displayed stating acceptable behaviour in the toilet areas

The signage should also display a contact telephone number encouraging customers to report suspicious activity.