Public Space Information

Streets Ahead (Phase III)

The north of Belfast city centre has a number of significant developments both planned and that have been delivered in recent years. The Belfast Streets Ahead phase 3 (BSA Phase 3) project aims to push the regeneration of the streetscape towards the north, extending the perceived retail core and engaging with an area of the city that is seeing great change. This will be achieved by delivering a world class public realm improvement scheme that will include improvements to:

• Surfacing
• Lighting
• Landscaping
• Street furniture
• Public art


Cleaner Neighbourhoods

The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 contains a range of legislative measures to improve the quality of the local environment by giving district councils additional powers to deal with litter, fly-posting and graffiti, dogs, noise, statutory nuisance, nuisance alleyways, abandoned and nuisance vehicles and abandoned shopping trolleys.

Therefore, Councils in Northern Ireland now have tougher powers to deal with a wide range of offences, and more on-the-spot fines will replace prosecution in the courts. Nuisance parking, graffiti and fly-posting could attract an immediate £80 penalty. Even light pollution comes under the control of councils.

Cleaner Neighbourhoods Fact Sheet (Belfast City Council)

Flyposting has long been a scourge on Belfast’s streets, even within the new public realm delivered under the Streets Ahead Project. Belfast City Centre Management remains committed to removing the phenomenon of flyposting and other activates that detract from the city centre.

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