Counterfeit Currency

Please be vigilant as there are currently counterfeit Ulster Bank notes in circulation.

The following are the serial numbers of counterfeit notes which have come through to Ulster Bank in high quantity in the past two months

*There has also been four ‘super’ Euro 50 notes in circulation over the past 2 weeks. Their serials include:


Advice to businesses - What should I do if I think a note is counterfeit?

  • Treat these notes as defaced and do not accept them if possible. Dye stained notes are most likely stolen notes.
  • If you have accepted a note take it to the issuing Bank and ask for a 'Repayment of damaged notes' form.
  • Safety first – take a full description of the person that gave you the note and pass this to the police.
  • It is a criminal offence to keep or to pass on a note that you know to be a counterfeit.

The National Business Crime Centre (NBCC) have released a Banknote Checking Scheme which is a voluntary and free of charge initiative for businesses to reduce the number of Bank of England counterfeit notes being passed.
You can access this through their website

You can download the Retail Crimewatch Newsletter by clicking here