Public Space Management

The public and private sector stakeholders represented on the Public Space Management Action Group have agreed that they will work collaboratively to promote enhanced urban management broadly in three ways by:

1. Engaging with businesses and service providers to improve the maintenance and cleanliness in Belfast City Centre.

2. Improving traffic management around and within the city centre.

3. Addressing access barriers in the city centre.

Belfast City Centre Management’s baseline data in the area of urban management has been provided by BCC cleanliness indices other healthcheck data.


• Monitor and lobby for high standards of cleanliness and maintenance of the public realm and built environment,
• Maintaining 70% rating or higher as measured by BCC cleansing indices,
• Encourage civic pride and ownership,
• Annual improvement in users perceptions of the  public realm,
• Monitor and report on reinstatement of utility and other road works, particularly in the £30m ‘Streets Ahead’ areas,
• Promote city centre accessibility including seeking to bring together various views from disability organisations,
• Liaise with businesses on public realm and private development works,
• Promote and facilitate Café Culture, in line with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
• Promote and facilitate dressing of public realm.

* BCCM can provide businesses with graffiti removal kits for their premises to easily remove any graffiti on the building.  To avail of this free kit please contact BCCM on 90242111.

For more information contact: Geraldine Duggan
Tel: 028 9024 2111 / E-mail: