Night-time Volunteers

Night Time Volunteers Steering Group


The purpose of this group is to ensure that the city centre is welcoming for all, regardless of domestic circumstances, creed, race, gender or disability. They help to ensure that investment in the city centre generates spin-off benefits for the most deprived and they can provide innovative social economy solutions.


To enable regular networking between groups and identify best practice, BCCM facilitates and co-ordinates the Night-Time Volunteer Steering Group.  Each group member is constituted and seeks to provide a co-ordinated approach to supporting those most in need during the Night-time Economy.


The Night-Time Volunteer Groups have a combined resource of over 600 volunteers who work tirelessly to support homeless people, people in distress, vulnerable people, missing persons and users of the city during night-time activities in Belfast.   This significant resource of volunteers, has a direct positive impact on the resources of the Emergency Services and statutory agencies, by intervening, engaging calmly and confidently; and signposting to welfare and other agencies.


If anyone is experiencing issues at any time, members of our NTV Steering Group can try to provide all possible help - we can ensure any new issues are raised at our meetings. Find below contact details for the volunteering organisations: