Top-Ten Crime Prevention Tips for Hair Salons and Barber Shops.

As lockdown eases, the PSNI understand that you may have concerns about reopening your business. The National Hair and Beauty Federation can provide advice and guidance on this. Please see their website at

As a police service we would like to offer some crime prevention tips which may help to keep you, your staff, and your business premises secure as you prepare to reopen and beyond.

• Check your existing security measures and ensure that they are working correctly, and have not been tampered with. Consider upgrading these in the longer term.
• Install a remote door lock to the main customer entrance so that staff can control access from a position of safety behind the counter.
• Encourage card payments, and keep on-site cash to a minimum. Ensure that any cash is taken to the bank at varying times, and on different days, by two people. 
• Extra care should be taken when making trips to the warehouse. If you haven’t used your car recently, ensure that it is running smoothly, and make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged. Be aware of your surroundings, and always lock your car or van between trips when unloading; take your keys with you.
• Keep valuable products in a locked room or area, and out of the sight of customers and those making ‘drop-in enquiries’.
• Check that your Personal Attack Alarms are working, and that staff members know how and when to use them, and what response to expect.
• Check that your external fire doors are safe and secure; do not leave these open for fresh air or to facilitate the needs of smokers at any time. Your local Fire Safety Officer will be able to offer further advice on this.
• Restrict access to staff areas, and ensure that staff members have a secure area to leave their personal belongings in. Erect signage so that customers can distinguish between public and private areas.
• Have regular staff briefings to discuss security, fire safety, and health and safety concerns.
• If a customer is verbally abusive, don’t try and have the last word. If they are abusive whilst they are walking out of the salon, they are moving in the right direction – let them go and when it is safe to do so, lock the door behind them.

Remain vigilant, use common sense and report any suspicious activity or concerns.In an emergency or if you suspect a crime is in progress, dial 999.Police Non- Emergency: Tel: 101 #Keeping People Safe