Business Liaison Officers

The role of our Business Liaison Officers


BCCM’s Business Liaison Officers (BLO’s) continue to co-ordinate engagement with property owners, developers, contractors, tenants and statutory agencies during all major development and environmental improvement projects to improve communication between stakeholders and minimise disruption to existing businesses, public transport system and traffic flow.

The changing nature of the city centre due to the pandemic with stores changing managers and lots of staff off on furlough; has increased the importance of a street level presence with the retailers to ensure we have the mechanisms to inform the city stakeholders of impacts on their trading environment and providing the ability to feedback unexpected positive and negative Impacts to the statutory agencies.

Continuous work is required to maintain an accurate database, the impact of GDPR on the use of these databases needs constant adjustment to the reporting requirements to maintain compliance.

BCCM is developing its reach to reflect the areas identified within the Regeneration & Investment Strategy; i.e. Inner North; Inner West; North East Quarter; Transport Hub & South Centre & Oxford Street & East Bank.

DfC utilises the Business Liaison team and their close relationship with the business community on a continual basis, to provide and obtain information and to manage issues relating to DfC property, projects and assets.


Public Inspections


BCCM’s Quality Inspections are key to maintaining the high standard of public realm delivered by the Belfast Streets Ahead Phase I programme and other Environmental Improvement Schemes; ensuring good stewardship of public space and protecting DfC investment.  

These include Bank Square, College Street, Skipper Street, Lombard Street and Rosemary Street Improvement Schemes including DfC owned infrastructure.  BCCM also carries out weekly inspections of other DfC owned property such as Blackstaff Square and Writer’s Square.

BCCM monitors, records and reports faults, health & safety issues and environmental concerns to statutory and other agencies on a regular basis.   To resolve matters quickly, BCCM has developed close partnership working arrangements with key managers within the various sections of the DfC, DfI, BCC, PSNI, as well as private utility companies and other businesses such as Adshel.   By undertaking city centre audits, BCCM can identify emerging issues (hot spots) and by working with our partners, agree mechanisms to address them.

These activities ensure that the appearance of Belfast city centre is monitored regularly and issues that negatively impact perceptions of the city centre and those which are a danger to the public are reported immediately for urgent attention