A ‘Youth Hub’  - a pop up space in Belfast city centre organised by the council’s Youth Forum over the next five weeks - will help the council decide how best it can provide dedicated ‘youth friendly’ sites and services for the future.

The Belfast Youth Forum’s Shared Space Pilot Project will be based in the T13 activity bus at a variety of city centre sites for the next five Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. A range of activities are being provided on and around the bus including

• BMX course
• Parkour
• Urban Art
• Fashion Design
• DJ Skills
• Chill Out Zone
• Scooters

Councillor Julie Anne Corr Johnston, Chair of the People and Communities Committee said: “This is a direct response to a survey carried out by our Youth Forum which showed young people wanted more youth friendly space in the city centre where they can socialise with friends from across the city. It is a chance for young people to test a number of services we can provide and tell us in more detail what they would value having more of in a city centre location. We will then feed this into our City Centre Regeneration Strategy and the Belfast Agenda to help the council better understand the needs of young people and how best we can include these in our future plans for the city".

Support for the ‘Shared Space Pilot Project’ has been provided jointly by the council and the Department of Social Development. Services relating to sports, culture, education the arts and support services scored highly in the Youth Forum’s original survey and the ‘Pop Up’ Space will now be used for a more in-depth survey on the council’s behalf by T13’s ‘Be Heard’ team.

More information on the ‘Youth Hub’ Shared Space Project and when it will be at Writer’s Square and Bank Square is available at www.belfastcity.gov.uk/events and on Twitter @belfast_YF