Ulster Orchestra Lunchtime sessions

The Ulster Orchestra Lunchtime Concert Series provides a bite-sized sample of the orchestra in its full glory during a convenient lunch time in the Ulster Hall.

The new year kicks off with Sparkling Symphonies on 23 January, take time out on your lunch break for the perfect alcohol-free treat – a pair of effervescent symphonies with all the bubble and glamour of champagne!

Next up in the series is Storybook Escape on 20 February, a concert which gives musical life to three literary figures.

Following this is March is 18th Century Inspiration on 19 March, with three very different composers, three very different pieces, but all inspired by music of the Baroque and Classical era.

The series concludes with Viva Italia! on 23 April, Rossini was a prolific composer of opera, producing 39 by the age of 37, at which point he retired!

Join the Ulster Orchestra for a classical uplift on your lunch.