Translink Bus Diversions

All Outbound North Belfast buses will omit the Castle Place/Royal Avenue area and operate outbound via Chichester St, Dunbar Link & Frederick St (inbound buses will follow this diversion in Reverse).

(Intending passengers for 1 (Antrim Road) & 2 (Shore Road) services are advised to board at Upper Queen Street as normal - services will then follow diversion as shown above.

Falls 10 and 80, 81, 82 are now operating from Queen Street as normal.
61, 64 buses still unable to serve Queen Street and will pick up at Wellington Place outside Parsons Hire then divert via Upper Queens Street (no pick up there).

648 Northside P&R/649 Eastside P&R will omit Donegal Place, High Street, Royal Avenue (will operate via May Street, Donegal Square West, Chichester Street then as normal).

All Metro services may be subject to possible delays and disruption during this closure.