ScamwiseNI Partnership celebrates four years of success

Last Tuesday 10th November marked the fourth anniversary of the launch of the ScamwiseNI Partnership. The initiative was developed by a number of organisations including the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the Commissioner for Older People, the Northern Ireland Policing Board and the Department of Justice in response to the rising number of scams being reported to the police.

The aim of the Partnership is to make the public aware of scams and how they can protect themselves from becoming a victim.

Chair of the Partnership, Chief Superintendent Simon Walls said: “I am delighted at how much the Partnership has achieved over the past few years.  We initially started out with 15 members and we have gone from strength to strength and now have over 40 members representing statutory, community, business, banking, faith organisations and charities. During the past four years we have seen many advances in technology and this in turn has assisted the scammers ability to take advantage of the most vulnerable within our society.  It is important that we stay one step ahead of the scammers so we can continue to highlight how to stay scam aware so that we may prevent and deter further scams."

Discussing the Partnership, Justice Minister Naomi Long said: “Working closely in conjunction with ScamwiseNI has given the Department of Justice a variety of innovative ways in which to share information. This can ultimately prevent crime and protect people against those who would seek to take advantage of them for financial gain. The Department is a member of the partnership, which brings together representatives from over 40 organisations with a common purpose.  By harnessing the knowledge and expertise from such a wide group, ScamwiseNI has given vital crime prevention advice around fraud and scams a hugely significant platform. The Department of Justice wants to create a safer community where we respect the law and each other and our partnership with ScamwiseNI has given us the opportunity to do just that."

As part of the anniversary, the Partnership has developed a short animation which highlights the work that has been completed.  Watch the animation by clicking here.

For more information, please visit ScamwiseNI at or search @ScamwiseNI on Facebook.