Retail Crimewatch Scheme

Retail Crimewatch Scheme       

Retail Crimewatch is an information and image sharing exclusion order scheme between Belfast City Centre Management (BCCM), retailers and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). This crime reduction initiative allows retailers to serve civil Exclusion Orders on those found committing retail crime on their premises. Each month members receive images of individuals who are prolific shoplifters across Northern Ireland. These individuals have been convicted through the courts and are banned from entering the premises of all members. The scheme currently has 400 members.



The scheme aims to create a network of retailers whose purpose is to share information about retail crime and prolific shoplifters. By becoming a member of the Retail Crimewatch scheme businesses will receive monthly image updates. This information is then used to enhance staff vigilance and awareness of known offenders and assist in reducing stock loss within businesses. It also assists in maintaining a safer environment for staff, customers and members of the public alike. Through the work of BCCM, the scheme co-ordinates the efforts of participating retailers to work together to help fight retail crime. Faster communication methods via the monthly updates are making it harder for criminals to commit retail crimes across Northern Ireland. The management and operation of the Retail Crimewatch scheme is a partnership that operates legally, to high standards, and reflects the increasing professionalism of partnerships. It helps to develop wider recognition of the value of this crime reduction initiative, enhances relationships with the PSNI and other agencies and is a gateway for regional data sharing. 

Over the last 12 months the Retail Crimewatch Scheme has received notable success. The scheme was awarded the Best Collaborative Solution at the Fraud Awards 2018 in Leicester and Sarah-Anne Attwood who manages the scheme was awarded runner up high commended in the Woman of the Year Category. The scheme was also shortlisted as a finalist at the European Association Awards 2018 within the Best Membership Initiative by an Association category and the scheme was shortlisted at the Association of Town Management Awards within the Best Safety, Security & Resilience Scheme 2018.


Retail Crimewatch is an excellent working example of a partnership that has significantly reduced retail crime in Belfast City Centre. Through the introduction of the Retail Crimewatch scheme it has created a network of retailers whose purpose is to share information about retail crime and prolific shoplifters. The scheme has also created a strong partnership between Belfast City Centre Management, the PSNI and the retailers. More information on the scheme can be found here.

For more information or to join the scheme, contact Sarah-Anne Attwood.

Tel: 02890 242111/ Email:

For information on how to address Business Crime, protecting your premises, protecting your stock and protecting your staff the PSNI have put together key points of advice which can be viewed on their website