Protect Your Business Information Seminar - Sharps awareness

Protect Your Business Information Seminar

Date: Thursday 7th November 
Time: 9.30am
Venue: House Hotel, Botanic Avenue Belfast

You may be aware that there has been an increase in pressure on some businesses within Belfast City Centre, due to a number of people injecting in public, behaving in an anti-social manner, or disposing of injecting equipment inappropriately.

There are now a number of Needle Exchange facilities operating across Belfast City Centre. Needle exchanges are an essential element in reducing the harms from injecting drug use, both to the clients themselves, and to the wider population.

The Public Health Agency (PHA), Extern, PSNI, Welcome Organisation, Belfast City Centre Management (BCCM) and Belfast One are working together to help address these issues.

In order to educate and raise awareness to businesses, Belfast City Centre Management is arranging an information session on Thursday 7th November at 9.30am in House Hotel, Botanic Avenue Belfast. I would be grateful if a representative from your business could attend to find out more information on the needle exchange service and to ask any questions you may have on the issue and/or drug use in the area.

To reserve a place please ring the BCCM office on 02890 242111 or email by Monday 4th November.  

In the interim you can find the below information on our website (

• Safe handling and sharps disposal video
• A guide to handling needles in the waste and recycling industry
• A guide to reporting city centre issues
• Purchasing sharps equipment