Outburst Arts Festival

Outburst Queer Arts Festival was brought to life in 2006 when a motley crew of LGBTQI+ community activists, artists and writers got together to make a grassroots platform to share our creative ideas, performances and stories. Northern Ireland badly needed a dedicated space for sharing queer ideas and creativity and so the festival quickly developed, with local artists and performers leading the way.

With years of passion, pure creative boldness and wonderful artists, allies and creative partners, Outburst has grown into one of the leading festivals in Belfast for exciting, cutting edge writing and performance. Our award-winning work includes local queer arts commissioning and development, often in partnership with other arts organisations and arts companies, and showcasing the best in new queer arts from around the world. They also work in partnership with British Council on international queer arts development projects and partnership building with LGBTQI+ artists, producers and festivals.

Outburst is a greenhouse for artists to take creative risks and for events that challenge assumptions and ideas around sexuality, gender and related human rights and justice issues. The event runs from the 8th - 16th November.

For a list of the programmed events please visit https://outburstarts.com/festival/