Hansel and Gretel at the MAC

This year, find the true meaning of Christmas at the MAC. Discover why friendship, laughter and a big bag of sweets are essential to making Christmas time the happiest, twinkliest and funniest time of the year with loved ones.
Join Hansel and Gretel in a modern version of their classic tale. Expect big songs, an evil witch and an all-important candy trail. Hansel & Gretel is an all-ages show, but those of ages 5+ will get the biggest kicks.
Remember, when you book early you'll save more - tickets will never be cheaper than they are today. Better still, check out the flexible family saver '4 or more'.  This saver deal is valid Monday - Friday and automatically applies 10% off your booking when you add four or more tickets (as there's no 'average' family size). Hansel & Gretel is produced by the MAC and proudly sponsored by Phoenix Natural Gas.

For more information visit www.themaclive.com