Food Waste Legislation

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency have introduced new legislation which means from 1st April 2016 all businesses that generate more than 50kg of food waste must have a separate food waste collection.

• Food Businesses include:
• Restaurants
• Cafés
• Shopping centre food court
• Canteens
• Hotels
• Public Houses that serve food
• Shops that sell food
• Supermarkets
• Schools & colleges with canteens
• Prisons
• Nursing Homes
• Hospitals

This weight will be reduced to 5kg on 1st April 2017, which will mean almost all businesses will need a separate food waste collection by 2017.

Businesses can arrange the collection through their own waste collection contract. City Council's commercial waste service can also provide a food waste collection, contact 028 9027 0735 for more information.

As part of this new legislation, Belfast City Council will not collect commercial waste which contains 50kg or more of food waste from 1st April 2016.

For more information please contact Northern Ireland Environment Agency or download: Northern Ireland Environment Agency Guidance