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Gerry Mallon launches new Danske Bank notes

Danske Bank Launch New Bank Notes

POSTED June 24, 2013 BY BelfastCentre

From this week, new Danske Bank branded £10 and £20 banknotes will be circulating in Northern Ireland. 

The new banknotes are being issued from Danske Bank cash machines and branches and will gradually replace the existing Northern Bank notes.

Gerry Mallon, Head of Danske Bank UK and Ireland, explained: “The launch of our new banknotes marks the final stage of Northern Bank’s rebrand to Danske Bank and the introduction of a new consumer brand to the local market.  It’s been seven months since we changed the signs above our doors and I have been very encouraged by how well the new name has been received by customers and by the wider community. 

We have been working hard to raise awareness of our new name over the last year. Our own surveys show that this work is paying off, as awareness levels of the Danske Bank brand are high. As the new banknotes will be very similar to the Northern Bank notes, they will look familiar to consumers and retailers.    Although the existing Northern Bank notes will gradually be withdrawn from circulation, they can of course continue to be used in the usual way and will be accepted in retail outlets.”

Further information about images of the notes can be found at