Cafe Culture

Belfast as a tourist destination continues to thrive and has much to offer in terms of retail offer, attractive surrounding and ambience.  Take a walk down any of our city centre streets you will find people enjoying lunch or a cup of coffee outside their favourite cafes and bars. Belfast City Centre Management (BCCM) has been to the fore in encouraging and promoting well designed and managed ‘sitting out’ areas that will contribute to a relaxed and sociable style of eating and drinking as well as creating a vibrant atmosphere for both visitors and residents.

In order to ensure that pavement cafes and other ‘sitting out’ areas make a positive contribution to our city; BCCM has produced a ‘Café Culture’ Memorandum of Understanding which sets out guidelines for the business owner to ensure the ‘sitting out area’ makes a positive contribution to the street scene whilst considering the needs of all other users of the city centre. 

The Memorandum of Understanding is an agreement between BCCM and the participating businesses which will remain in place until such time as legislation is introduced. The Memorandum of Understanding requests businesses to consider:

- Number of seats, tables and the size of the ‘sitting out’ area
- Cleaning and maintenance of the designated area
- Possible anti-social behaviour or noise nuisance
- On street smoking and the disposal of waste
- Sale and consumption of alcohol within defined license restrictions.

Over 50 businesses have already signed up to our Café Culture Memorandum of Understanding and if you are interested in participating in this initiative please contact the Belfast City Centre Management offices on 028 9024 2111.

For more information, contact: Eimear McCracken
Tel: 028 9024 2111 / E-Mail: