Belfast Photo Festival

The Belfast Book Festival is more than just events. They have a whole host of creative workshops on offer, led by some of the authors and poets who are taking part in the Festival. Join them as they share their knowledge, wisdom and know-how. All workshops are suitable for everyone and anyone with a writing itch to scratch. The event runs from 6th - 30th June.

The importance of photography in Northern Ireland's visual culture and history is something the festival aims to promote while also embracing and showcasing the nations' current and upcoming photographic talent both at home and abroad through seeking out new and emerging talent.

Northern Ireland has produced and continues to produce many award winning and internationally renowned contemporary photographers. This festival is a major event, which highlights and presents the highest standards of work from some of these practitioners alongside the leading talents from across Europe and the world.

Through a range of national and international interactive events the festival aims to inspire the country's future photographers, artists and entrepreneurs, offering new, exciting, welcoming and sometimes challenging experiences to audiences through the programme of events. Through these events the festival helps to foster and develop wide ranging critical debate, analysis and documentation of photographic arts practice in Northern Ireland and abroad.

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